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Latest version: 0.6.01


  • Features: Video mode safety features to prevent users from setting a video mode that doesn't work, increased thruster speed by +50% with thruster upgrade research, in sandbox mode AI ships use special weapons like torpodoes and emp more often.
  • Bug fixes: Issues entering sandbox mode after multiplayer games, issues with block count sometimes not being reset after a game, fixed freeze when loading a randomly generated map for 3 players at a small scale setting, small UI fixes.

Design your own spaceships out of blocks, outfit them with thrusters, power cores, gun turrets, missile turrets, lazer turrets, plasma torpedoes, emp cannons, shrapnel cannons, armor, shields, grappling turrets, build centers, and cloaking devices.

Test out your designs in the sandbox mode, and prepare a loadout for online games. (You can also design ships in-game if you wish).

Play with up to 3 other people over the internet (peer to peer) or on a LAN. Gather resources, buy research, build ships, engage in epic battles and repeat. (Or do everything at once).

Build fleets of ships, give them orders, or control one ship manually like in an action game.

This game is currently in alpha, so expect frequent fixes and improvements. Although the game is very playable now, there are still many things to do.


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Buy Now$9.95 USD or more

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